US Postal Police Blocked Wasserman Schultz from Entering Mail Sorting Facilities

Democrat Lawmaker Debbie Wasserman Schultz  (D-FL) was barred by the U.S Postal Police from entering 2 mail sorting facilities after a surprise visit.

The confrontation took place early morning Friday and Wasserman Schultz was told she’d be escorted out of the property if she refused to leave.

In a statement, the Florida Congresswoman said “If DeJoy thinks he can just throw a bed sheet over what’s going on behind these doors, he is sadly mistaken. It looked like the post master had something to hide.”

She added “Without access to these public facilities, the public is blindfolded to the problems or fixes taking place there. DeJoy cannot delay the mail and delay oversight of these facilities.”

Spokeswoman for the Postal Service Kim Fuller said “We spoke with her staff to explain that we were unable to set up the tour on such short notice, but would be happy to accommodate her at another time.”

She added “We look forward to working with the Congresswoman and her staff to arrange a visit in the near future.”

Schultz tweeted after the incident P”MG DeJoy is doing everything to keep the USPS running slow, including blocking lawful Congressional oversight.”

She then asked “What inside the Opa Locka sorting facility, and other sorting facilities, is he trying to hide from Americans?”

Friday she wrote:

After seeing alarming pictures of delayed mail, some pieces undelivered since July, I arranged a tour of So Fla to see how idle sorting machines have impacted workflow. But when I arrived this AM I was greeted with police tape and armed guards blocking my entry. (1/3)

I toured the same facility earlier this year without issue. Since then, Trump mega-donor Louis DeJoy has been named Postmaster General and reports of mail, medicine and supply delays have been rampant. (2/3)

With Nov. 3 mail-in presidential ballots looming, Congressional oversight cannot be denied. What is DeJoy hiding? (3/3)