University suggests replacing word “picnic” with “inclusive” alternative term

The University of Michigan IT department “words matter task force” is suggesting replacing several words and terms including “picnic” and “dummy” with alternative terms they deem more inclusive and less likely to offend.

The suggested replacement for “picnic” is “gathering.”

The suggested replacement for “dummy” is “placeholder” or “sample.”

The suggested replacement for the phrase “long time, no see” is “it’s been a while.”

They explain “Language is powerful. It has the ability to unite or cause people to feel alienated. The use of inclusive language is imperative to create a culture where everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected. It is important to remember that words can impact people in different ways. Not all words on this list may be offensive to everyone. Regardless, if a colleague considers a word or phrase offensive, their lived experience should be acknowledged, and an alternative word or phrase should be used. ”

Here is there “Inclusive language” list with alternative terms suggeseted.