University of Georgia Students Protest School’s Reopening with “Die In” Event

University of Georgia Students held signs such as “RIP Campus Safety” in their “die in” event protesting the planned reopening of the school.

Reaction on social media was mixed.

One Twitter user wrote “Good for these students. They’ve had no representation in regards to reopening plans. There’s been a lack of communication. UGA has yet to tell students how bad things have to get before a shut down. They are inadequately testing only 300 a day while UVM is testing every student”

Another wrote “Somebody tell them college is not mandatory.”

The University of Georgia tweeted advice in hopes of helping lower risk.

You have a duty to help keep your classmates, professors and university staff safe. Help stop the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask, washing your hands, keeping your distance from others and wiping down commonly used surfaces. #DawgStrong”

The college of Engineering Dean also spoke on what to expect for the reopening.