Universal Basic Income program restricted for people of color only launched in Oakland

A new program in Oakland California that provides some universal basic income for struggling families but only if they are people of color and not white has been launched.

According to Yahoo Finance, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said the approach was about “equity.”

Schaaf said “we have a well-documented racial wealth gap in this country, 10 times asset poverty. We have, in Oakland, documented three times a difference in median incomes between our white families and our Black families.”

She continued “as a piece of this policy development, we believe that we can contribute to the question of how to close the racial wealth gap, as well as designing a program that’s going to work for the families that are facing the most barriers.”

“We believe this is one of the fastest and most transformative ways to close the racial wealth gap but more importantly, to help families raise children that are going to have upward mobility, economically, and let every family thrive,” Schaaf also explained in defense of the program.

“Everyone should be in favor of that,” she added.

Schaff tweeted in March when annoucing the program “poverty is not a personal failure, it’s a policy failure. Today in Oakland we launched a guaranteed income pilot for 600 low-income BIPOC families to receive $500 a month for 18 months, no strings. We want to change the narrative.”