Ultra-Rich Dropping $5k on High-End Emergency Bags Amid Outbreak

Business is thriving for those manufacturing emergency preparedness for the high end customer.

For “only” $4995.00 the resourceful can purchase “The Prepster Ultra Advanced” bag that comes with a 4 ct. of N95 masks.

Others are purchasing personal air purifiers that can be worn around the neck.

Bloomberg reports some Americans have found a measure of reassurance in these coronavirus days by stocking up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

For others, peace comes with the purchase of a $4,995 emergency go-bag, outfitted with “Bond-like gadgets” and custom monogramming.

“Our warehouse shelves are almost wiped out,” says Ryan Kuhlman, co-founder of Preppi, maker of high-end disaster kits including the go-bag, which comes with four hard-to-obtain N95 respirator masks. Preppi’s sales so far this month have increased 5,000% compared with February. “Having the right tools and supplies can provide incredible relief to anxieties.”

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