Ukranian model at Portland riot being prosecuted for assaulting a cop with a shield, attempting to use lit firework

Krystyna Solodenko (Кристина Михайловна Солоденко), a 30-year-old amateur model from Ukraine, was arrested at a Portland riot in June.

According to Andy Ngo “She’s one of few being prosecuted by DA. The affidavit says she assaulted a cop w/a shield, tried to use a lit firework & kicked police.”

Below is the State of Oregon vs. Solodenko affidavit.

It states “As officers walked the crowd back, the Rapid Response Team began to take multiple projectiles to include fireworks. A female, later identified as Krystyna Solodenko, ran in front of Officer Budworth and threw a shield at him. The shield him Officer Budworth’s shoulder. As the Rapid Response Team performed a dynamic movement, Officer Budworth observed Solodenko running behind the RRT line and reach for a lit firework. Officer Budworth grabbed Solodenko by her backpack and pulled her away from the lit firework.”

Later it states “As Officer Budworth approached her, Solodenko began to kick at Officer Budworth striking his legs.”