Tyrone Woodley wore a mock MAGA style hat prior to getting TKOd by Colby Covington

In an extremely bizarre pre-fight interview, UFC Fighter Tyrone Woodley wore a mock MAGA style hat with the message “Make Racists Catch the Fade Again.”

Woodley then proceeded to incorporate the phrase “Black Lives Matter” into all his answers, no matter how awkward that made his answers.

Woodley went on to be defeated by Colby Covington, a Trump supporter who wears actual pro-Trump hats often, who dominated him for 5 rounds before Woodley had to quit with a rib injury.


During their final pre-fight face off, Woodley wore a “Black Lives Matter” headband and a shirt that says “Legalize Being Black.”

In his post-fight remarks, Covington ripped Woodley’s support for the BLM movement.