TX GOP Governor Candidate says he would have never closed Texas or implemented a mask order if he was Governor

Friday, Republican Texas Governor candidate Don Huffines tweeted:

People always ask me what would I have done during COVID?

-Never closed down the state
-Never implemented a mask order
-Never allowed vaccine mandates
-Called a special session of the Texas Legislature
-Protected doctors ability to treat patients with medication of their choice

Huffins, a Republican who is challenging Governor Abbott, has amassed an impressive list of endorsements from conservatives. Huffins is endorsed by Rand Paul:

He recently also picked up the endorsement of Thomas Massie.

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis wrote:

[email protected] is one of the BEST people in Washington because he’s NOT the swamp.

Consider who has endorsed @DonHuffines — @RandPaul, Massie, @KatrinaPierson, me.. all of the LIBERTY LOVING FIGHTERS.

That should tell Texas everything you need to know about Huffines!

Newsweek reported that “a Paradigm Partners poll published on Tuesday shows Abbott with just 32.52 percent support among likely Republican primary voters in the state” showing vulnerability.

Abbott polled behind Allen West, with Huffines in third.