Two women who stole child’s MAGA hat in viral video sentenced, avoid prison

Two women arrested for stealing a child’s MAGA hat in a video that went viral have been sentenced and have avoided prison.

They will however be required to undergo anger management and perform 40 hours of community service.

In case you forgot the video:


Per NY Post:

Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow will serve probation for the Aug. 20 incident outside the Democratic National Convention in Wilmington, Delaware as Joe Biden was giving his presidential acceptance speech.

The caught on video incident has prompted hate mail and death threats for the women, according to Winslow’s attorney, Thomas A. Foley, The Delaware News Journal reported.

Winslow has “paid a tough price” since the incident, the lawyer added, noting the threats increased when a group called Students for Trump tweeted out the footage of the two Wilmington residents.

The pair had pleaded guilty to charges of theft, child endangerment and hate crimes in the incident outside a restaurant at the Wilmington Riverfront. They were sentenced Friday and are required to undergo anger management and do 40 hours of community service.