Two Sheriff’s Deputies fired after working as private security for Cori Bush

Two St. Louis Sheriff Deputies have been fired for working as private security for progressive “squad” member Cori Bush.

KMOV reported Deputies Tylance Jackson and Maurice Thompson were dismissed last month.

Sheriff Vernon Betts explained “I didn’t fire them for working security for Cori Bush. I fired them for not following proper procedures for working secondary. So they just happened to be working for Cori Bush. Doing what they did, they would have gotten fired no matter who they were working for.”

Per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch “Betts said secondary jobs are common: Of the 160 deputies, he estimated that 150 moonlight in other jobs — with permission. He said he wants to approve all secondary jobs to make sure they don’t interfere with the deputies’ regular duties or leave them too tired, which could create additional risk in an already dangerous job.”

Cori Bush took heat from conservatives earlier this month when she talked about her own private security and desire to “defund the police” within seconds of each other.