Two Republican governors say they support Impeachment Inquiry of Trump

According to a new report from the Stamford advocate, two Republican governors are in support of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker are both known to be outspoken critics of Trump.

Stamford advocate reports for the first time, two Republican governors have publicly supported the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, a new development in an intensifying political fracas that has so far been largely partisan.

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott and Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, both outspoken critics of Trump, said Thursday that they favored the investigation, but Scott added that he would wait for more information before calling for further action against the president.

In a statement to The Washington Post, Scott called the inquiry “appropriate” and said it is a key part of Congress’s duty as a co-equal branch of government.

“I think we have much more to learn and need to understand all the facts as this serious allegation is considered,” he said. “Congress has a solemn responsibility to every American to fulfill its role in our government system of checks and balances.”

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