Twitter’s Jack Dorsey says the company applied labels to over 300k election-related tweets, including tweets from Trump

During this morning’s congressional hearings, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the company applied labels to more than 300,000 election tweets between October 27 and November 11 based on their “civic integrity policy.”

These tweets with labels applied included several by President Trump.


Dorsey also took heat for blocking a bombshell NY Post article about Hunter Biden.

Lindsey Graham said to Dorsey about his initial blocking of the story  “that to me seems like you’re the ultimate editor. The editorial decision by the New York Post to run the story was overridden by Twitter and Facebook in different fashions to prevent its dissemination. Now if that’s not making an editorial decision I don’t know what would be.”

Dorsey admitted fault, saying “we made a quick interpretation using no other evidence that the materials in the article were obtained through hacking, and according to our policy, we blocked them from being spread. Upon further consideration, we admitted this action was wrong and corrected it within 24 hours.”