Twitter will remove Trump’s “world leader” designation if Biden wins, treat him as normal Twitter user on violations

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Twitter has confirmed if President Trump loses and Biden becomes President, Twitter would take away Trump’s current treatment that is designated for world leaders and he would be eligible to have his tweets removed entirely that are deemed to violate policies as well as his account suspended or even banned.

Right now, his tweets receive notices and warning labels when they violate the company’s rules but they are not removed entirely.

According to Bloomberg “the social network treats transgressions from world leaders differently than those from regular users, and often leaves up tweets that violate its content policies, adding a warning instead of forcing users to delete the posts. This is part of Twitter’s philosophy that people should be able to hear from world leaders even when they share controversial posts because their messages are inherently newsworthy.

But former world leaders aren’t protected under that policy.

The report continues “High-profile politicians no longer in office — like former U.S. President Barack Obama — are treated like regular users if they violate Twitter’s rules, which prohibit messages that include hate speech or posts that glorify violence or contain certain types of false information, like dangerous health-related misinformation”

If Trump does lose after he is no longer office, according to the report “Trump will fall into the “former” group if he leaves office in January, Twitter confirmed. If that happens, breaking one of Twitter’s rules means his tweets may be removed entirely instead of labeled. He could also rack up “strikes” for multiple violations, which would increase the severity of punishment issued from the company, and could lead to temporary account freezes, suspensions or even a permanent ban.”