Twitter Users Speculate Who Ayanna Pressley Will Endorse Now that 3/4 of The Squad is for Bernie

Now that 3/4 of the squad are for Bernie Sanders, Twitter users are speculating on who the final squad member, Ayanna Pressley will endorse.

Some Bernie activists are writing letters to Ayanna asking her to join the rest of the squad in endorsing Bernie.

Some Twitter users are speculating Pressley will endorse Warren as they are from the same state.

Also there is the argument if she was going to endorse Bernie, she would have done it at the same time as the rest of the “squad.”

Krishan Patel wrote:

Ayanna Pressley is from Massachusetts and she is more pragmatic than purely ideological, so I think she will endorse Elizabeth Warren rather than Bernie Sanders

Who will the final “squad” member endorse? Time will tell.

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