Twitter Users Rip Team Bloomberg’s String of Bizarre, Cringeworthy Tweets

The campaign of Mike Bloomberg has confirmed they were not hacked after the official “Team Bloomberg” account made waves on Twitter with a flood of bizarre and cringeworthy tweets during the final DNC debate in Iowa Tuesday.

Perhaps trying to borrow a page from President Trump, Bloomberg’s team’s apparently attempted to create social media buzz by tweeting completely fake facts, cringeworthy jokes, and seemingly random pop culture references.

The strange style of the tweets market a strong contrast to the candidate’s generally formal and serious persona.

Some of the many topics tweeted about by “Team Bloomberg” include Lady Gaga, Mike Bloomberg’s purported ability to telepathically talk to dolphins, Tostitos, Wolf Blitzer’s ability to devour an “elk carcass,” and Mike’s love for “clams casino.”

In addition, the team tweeted a few polls and childish contests such as “SPOT THE MEATBALL THAT LOOKS LIKE MIKE.”

Most of the responses to the tweets were not positive.

Here is a sample of the bizarre tweets and the backlash they received.

By our count, the vast majority of the feedback to these tweets is negative.