Twitter Users Fire Back at Brian Stelter After He Feuds with Mark Levin

CNN host Brian Stelter drew immediate backlash recently, after a scathing review of conservative talk-radio host Mark Levin’s new book, which he accused of anti-media sentiment.

Stelter, who bemoaned the book’s message as an attack against the mainstream media, refuted initial reports of his remarks, claiming to have merely “reported” that the book is “full of hate-the-media rhetoric.”

Levin, himself, disagreed with Stelter, who he accused of being “unstable and obsessed,” and credited the CNN journalist with “contributing to the demise of the media’s credibility.”

Later, levin suggested Stelter “makes my book’s point, and is too dumb to know it!”

Much of the social media commentary was not on Stelter’s side, with many users overwhelmingly slamming the CNN journalist, as well as the rest of the mainstream media.