Twitter Users Fire Back After Michael Moore Slams Trump For Killing Soleimani

Filmmaker and Anti-Trump activist slammed President Trump after his successful air strike that killed Iranian General Soleimani.

In his tweet Moore implies Soleimani may not be a real enemy but one that the American people “will be trained to hate” in a dystopian Trump world.

Michael Moore Tweeted:

Hello fellow Americans. Do you know this man? Did you know he was your enemy? What? Never heard of him? By the end of today you will be trained to hate him. You will be glad Trump had him assassinated. You will do as you are told. Get ready to send your sons &daughters off 2 war

The reaction was mixed as some supported Moore’s theory.

Robbie Townsend responded:

I say we send all Trump supporters to fight this war. I am soooooo glad I’m out the service. I would never want to serve under this administration. Good luck troops.

Many others blasted Michael Moore back for his theory.

Tobias Hutch wrote:

You are so stupid. This man was a famous Terrorist and killed thousands of people – women and children.

Another Twitter user responded:

Hello Michael
I’m Iranian and I don’t like Donald Trump but I have to thank him for this one.
And don’t worry. Iranian regime has not the gut to start a war with US. They don’t have Iranian people support.Don’t forget they recently killed 1500 of people who protested the regime

Dawson field wrote:

The fact that most Americans had never heard of Suleimani is an indictment of the American media & foreign policy establishment. This man killed Americans, Iraqis, Lebanese, Syrians, Yemenis, & Iranians with impunity for more than 2 decades. Everyone should have known this evil!

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