Twitter Says Kathy Griffin required to delete her “syringe” tweet about Trump “before continuing back to Twitter”

Per The Washington Examiner:

Comedienne Kathy Griffin must delete her tweets calling for violence against President Trump or get stuck in Twitter jail.

A Twitter spokeswoman confirmed to the Washington Examiner on Wednesday that Griffin’s initial tweet, advocating for somebody to plunge an air-filled syringe into Trump, violates company rules on abusive behavior.

“We’ve required the account owner to delete it before continuing back to Twitter,” the spokeswoman said in an email.

As of the time of publication, Kathy Griffin is yet to tweet in the last 12 hours and the offensive tweets are still there, meaning she may currently be “locked out.”

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted early in the morning:

I don’t think past their prime comedians who tweet stupid things should be banned on here, but next time @twitter @jack bans a conservative for saying something not PC, just remember they have no problem with Dems making death threats against @realDonaldTrump on their platform.

Griffin had written “Syringe with nothing but air inside it” adding in her tweet “F**K TRUMP.”

Below is the screenshot in case she deletes the tweet to continue back on Twitter.

Griffin later doubled down and suggested she intended that Trump be stabbed with a syringe full of air.

Washington Examiner tweeted:

@KathyGriffin advocates for someone to stab @realDonaldTrump with syringe full of air. Air embolisms, caused by air getting into the bloodstream, can be fatal.

Kathy Griffin responded “I SURE DID, FU**ER.”
Griffin also added the hashtag #TrumpLiedPeopleDied.

Later, Daniel Chaitlan tweeted:

An update: Twitter tells @TonyDLeonardi they will “look into” whether the tweets by @kathygriffin violated their violent threats policy. He also reached out to Secret Service for comment.

Kathy Griffin responded to this tweet by writing:

Go f**k yourself. Do you wanna tussle with me, you fucking amateur? #100ThousandDead