Twitter Reacts to Video of Assange Dragged Out of Embassy and Arrested

Wikileaks founder and editor Julian Assange has been arrested and removed from the Equador embassy in London.

BuzzFeed reported that UK police have confirmed Julian Assange was arrested on behalf of US authorities after the WikiLeaks founder was removed from Ecuador’s embassy in London.

On Thursday morning, Assange was dragged from Ecuador’s London embassy where he spent nearly seven years, after the country officially removed the activist’s asylum.

Police said Assange’s arrest was for allegedly breaching bail conditions relating to a Swedish case, but later confirmed he’d also been arrested on behalf of the United States, which had served an extradition request.

The UK Home Office also said Assange had been “accused in the United States of America of computer related offences”.

Watch the video:

Twitter users reacted to the arrest.

From New York Times

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who released reams of secret documents that embarrassed the United States government, was arrested by the British police on Thursday at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where he had lived since 2012, after Ecuador withdrew the asylum it had granted him.

The Metropolitan Police said that Mr. Assange had been detained partly in connection with an extradition warrant filed by the authorities in the United States, where he could face of a charge of computer hacking, according to an American official, if he is extradited.

President Lenín Moreno of Ecuador said on Twitter that his country had decided to stop sheltering Mr. Assange after “his repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols,” a decision that cleared the way for the British authorities to detain him.

The relationship between Mr. Assange and Ecuador has been a rocky one, even as it offered him refuge and even citizenship, and WikiLeaks said last Friday that Ecuador “already has an agreement with the UK for his arrest” and predicted that Mr. Assange would be expelled from the embassy “within ‘hours to days.’ ”

The United States Justice Department has charged Mr. Assange, 47, in relation to the publication of classified documents, a fact that prosecutors accidentally made public in November.

Barry J. Pollack, a lawyer for Mr. Assange, accused the United States of conducting what he said was “an unprecedented effort by the United States seeking to extradite a foreign journalist to face criminal charges for publishing truthful information.”