Twitter Reacts to Trump’s Epic Signature on Historic D-Day Document

President Trump’s signature on a D-Day proclamation at a recent ceremony in the UK drew the attention of the US media on Friday, as the notoriously anti-Trump press quickly honed in on the fact that the president signed the document at the top.

Other world leaders signed the bottom of the document, crowding their signatures in among themselves, whereas Trump’s lone signature at the top of the page prominently stood out.

Needless to say, the many in the media, as well as liberal commenters on social media, were aghast at Trump’s bold choice of signature placement.

Trump supporters, however, felt differently, and took to social media to praise the president  while mocking the feigned outrage over his signature.

Many noted that President Trump may have been the last person to sign the document, potentially prompting his signature at the top, rather than overlapping existing signatures.