Turns out self proclaimed “trained marxist” BLM co-founder has purchased FOUR homes since 2016

It turns out BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who once referred to herself as a “trained Marxist” now owns 4 high end homes, not just one.

Her most recent 1.4 million dollar purchase gaining attention was via a LLC and in a mostly white neighborhood in Topanga Canyon.

Her buying spree has led to scrutiny and anger even among some of her BLM peers.

A new NY Post report reveals that Cullors also owns more property.

Per the report “last year, Khan-Cullors and spouse Janaya Khan ventured to Georgia to acquire a fourth home — a “custom ranch” on 3.2 rural acres in Conyers featuring a private airplane hangar with a studio apartment above it, and the use of a 2,500-foot “paved/grass” community runway that can accommodate small airplanes.”

“Khan-Cullors began her buying spree in L.A. in 2016, a few years after the civil rights movement she started from a hashtag — #blacklivesmatter — with fellow activists Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi began to gain traction around the world.

That year, she bought a three-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom home in Inglewood for $510,000. It is now worth nearly $800,000. Khan-Cullors added her wife, the co-founder of Black Lives Movement in Canada, to the deed in a family trust last year. The couple married in 2016.”

Hawk Newsome, head of BLM in NY City called for “an independent investigation” to find out how the BLM global network spends its money.

“If you go around calling yourself a socialist, you have to ask how much of her own personal money is going to charitable causes,” Newsom said. “It’s really sad because it makes people doubt the validity of the movement and overlook the fact that it’s the people that carry this movement.”