Tulsi Gabbard Silent on Twitter Since Harris Announcement

While nearly every high profile Democrat has congratulated Kamala Harris and touted the Biden-Harris ticket, one 2020 contender has been conspicuously silent.

Tulsi Gabbard, who may have destroyed Kamala Harris’ chances of being the Democratic Presidential nominee with her high profile debate takedown, has yet to tweet her support nearly a full two days after Biden’s announcement.

From July 2019:

As of the moment of publication of this piece, Gabbard’s last tweet was on August 11th.

On Twitter user wrote “No congratulatory tweet to Kamala?”

Another Twitter user replied to Tulsi on Wednesday after the pick:

Thoughs on Biden’s VP Pick Your formal chief rival Kamala Harris lol if it don’t sting you it will be because you are tough as nails but it sure stings me lol I can’t wait for this terrible election to be over

Another wrote “Any opinion on #BidenHarris2020 ?”