Tucker weighs in on Jill Biden “Dr.” title debate, says she “decided to cure” her “status anxiety” with “another pointless title”

During a fiery segment, Tucker Carlson responded to the backlash from Democrats over the Op-Ed in the WSJ suggesting Jill Biden should drop her “Dr.” title.

Carlson sounded off, saying mockingly “yes, Jill Biden is one hell of a doctor says Karen. She should be Surgeon General. Just don’t ask her to commit surgery. Don’t ask for advice in your coronary artery disease because she’s not actually a physician. She’s a Doctor of Education, which means basically nothing.”

He continued “On Friday, the Wall Street Journal pointed this out. They ran an op-ed by Joe Epstein, made a true and obvious point. Jill Biden is not a doctor. No. Maybe in the same sense Dr. Pepper is. In 2007, at the age of 55, she got a Doctorate in Education. So she’s got the same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby.”

Carlson then pointed out “In 2009, back when America was a lot more honest, Joe Biden explained why his wife got that degree quote, “She said, I was so sick of the mail coming to Senator and Mrs. Biden, I wanted to get mail address to Dr. and Senator Biden. That’s the real reason she got her doctorate.”

He concluded “In other words, Jill Biden was diagnosed with a very bad case of status anxiety, and she decided to cure that as so many do in our country with another pointless title.”