Tucker Carlson Speculates that Biden Could Be Replaced By Andrew Cuomo

While appearing on  Charlie LeDuff’s podcast “No BS Hour” Fox News host Tucker Carlson speculated that Joe Biden could be replaced at the 2020 Democratic nominee due to his mental decline.

Carlson also speculated that NY governor Andrew Cuomo could be the one to replace him.

Clearly some others agree as Cuomo has moved into a tie with Bernie Sanders on the predict market of PredictIt despite not running.

“I sincerely and totally believe that Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee on Election Day” Tucker Speculated.

Asked how that math works by his co-host, Carlson responded “Well, the math doesn’t work, but it’s not about math, it’s about will. So the Democratic Party is intent on taking power, period, period, and they mean it, and they’re willing to do kind of whatever they think works. I mean that’s demonstrable.”

“This is not the guy I’ve known, and you can ask anybody who knows him or has watched him,” Carlson later added “This is not him. He’s a completely different person, and he’s in decline and I feel bad about it. That’ll be me someday. I hope somebody loves me enough to not let me run for president. If I had to bet I would think Andrew Cuomo would be the most likely to replace Biden.”

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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