Tucker Carlson releases more audio, this time of Chris Cuomo coaching Michael Cohen on what to say

Wednesday evening, Fox News host Tucker Carlson released more bombshell audio of CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Michael Cohen.

In this release, Cohen asks Cuomo for his advice on how to answer difficult questions he knows he will be getting and Cuomo gives him a script to work off of – artfully dodging and deflecting questions, in some cases attacking the interviewer.

Quoting Cuomo, Carlson says “I think the way this conversation goes is almost exactly the way we’re having it right now. Which is, where I say, ‘This looks shady,’ and you say, ‘It looks shady to you because you’re coming in with a specific intention.”

Carlson continues “He then told Cohen how to dodge questions about a shell corporation he had used to make the Daniels payments. Quote: ‘I’m not being shady,’

Carlson explains that while instructing Cohen on what to say about the shell corp he used to make payments to Stormy Daniels, Cuomo told Cohen to say “I was being legal, and I did it my right way. You’re wrong about the LLC. I’ve used it for other things. I have tons of LLCs. I did not form it just to do this. And even if I had, my whole point would have been to keep it quiet. But that happens to just not be true.”