Tucker Blasts Wisconsin Governor “Evers doesn’t want the details public. He wants riots”

In a fiery segment of his popular Fox News show, Tucker Carlson blasted Wisconsin authorities and Governor Tony Evers specifically for not releasing more details of the Jacob Blake case, including whether or not Blake was reaching for a gun in the car when he was shot multiple times by police.

The authorities won’t tell us the answer to that question, which is interesting,” Tucker said “Wisconsin’s attorney general refused to say whether Blake was armed, even when he was asked directly. Again, that’s not a small point, it’s the whole point. If Jacob Blake had a gun, officers were right to shoot him, period.”

He continued “So, we should know that immediately before more buildings are burned, and more 71 -year-olds are beaten unconscious on the street. But we don’t know the answer tonight.” Carlson added “Tony Evers, the left-wing governor of Wisconsin, doesn’t want you to know the answer. He wants you to believe that Blake was shot in the back by a racist cop for the crime of being black. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. Maybe we have a right to know the details. But Evers doesn’t want the details public. He wants riots.”

This was Wisconsin Democrat Governor Tony Evers’ response after the Kenosha shooting.