Tucker blasts Gov. Hutchinson for vetoing bill banning youth gender reassignment surgeries

Tucker Carlson held Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson’s feet to the fire over his veto of a bill banning gender reassignment surgeries for youth under 18.

Hutchinson’s veto was ultimately over-ridden by the state House and Senate, but Hutchinson stood by his veto.

“If this had been a bill that simply prohibited chemical castration, I would have signed the bill,” Hutchinson said, defending his decision “But Tucker, as you know, this bill was over-broad. It was extreme. It went far beyond what you just said.”

After Hutchinson argued “Let’s limit the role of government. Let’s let parents and doctors make decisions,” Carlson shot back in response “Why don’t we let 18 year olds drink beer in Arkansas? Why don’t we allow them to get tattoos? Why don’t we allow 15 year olds to get married?”