Trump’s Odds for Reelection Surge in Multiple Prediction Markets

President Trump has surged to his best odds for reelection since impeachment started in 2 separate prediction betting markets.

On PredictIt, President Trump has risen from low to mid 40s to 47% compared to 20% for Biden, 16% for Bernie Sanders and 9% for Warren and Buttigieg.

A similar trend exists on

Per the WashingtonExaminer in the latest evidence that weeks of impeachment hearings did little to hurt him, the betting odds that President Trump will win reelection next year are nearly his best ever.

After two House committees held hearings, prompting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to schedule an impeachment vote this week, Trump stands at an even 1-1 chance of keeping his office in 2020.

Only Joe Biden, at 5-1, is challenging him, according to gambling site

“Trump continues to inspire bettors to take action despite the impeachment process and Greta Thunberg feud,” Dave Mason of BetOnline said in sharing the odds with Secrets.

At even money, those are the best odds Trump has had since September 2019. Trump was actually favored at -110 (10/11), on Aug. 20, 2019, after the Democratic debates. Those were his best odds to win 2020 that he’s had.

What’s more, gamblers do not think Trump will be forced from office over impeachment.

According to odds just posted, the long shot odds are 1-in-10.