Trump Victory! “No Collusion – No Obstruction! … GAME OVER!”

Attorney General William Barr spoke at a Thursday press conference where he told the world once again that there was no collusion and no obstruction from President Trump.


On “obstruction,” Politico reported that Attorney General William Barr on Thursday said he disagreed with some of special counsel Robert Mueller’s legal theories underlying his investigation of potential obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump in the FBI’s Russia probe.

“Although the Deputy Attorney General and I disagreed with some of the Special Counsel’s legal theories and felt that some of the episodes examined did not amount to obstruction as a matter of law, we did not rely solely on that in making our decision,” Barr said in an extraordinary press conference previewing the release of Mueller’s redacted report.

Barr said Mueller examined 10 episodes that could have amounted to obstruction, but that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ultimately determined the facts failed to amount to evidence of a crime. Barr had previously said that Mueller reached no determination about whether the president obstructed justice.

Barr offered an alternative explanation for Trump’s behavior during the probe, suggesting he was justifiably angry that the probe was hamstringing his presidency and that his political enemies were exploiting it. He also said “illegal leaks” contributed to the president’s ire.

President Trump took a well-deserved victory lap, after two-long year of intense, and pointless investigation with two celebratory tweets.