Trump Tweets Smollett Owes MILLIONS in “MAGA COUNTRY” an Apology!

Saturday, President Trump tweeted that disgraced actor Jussie Smollett owes millions in “Maga Country” an apology for widely being believed to have perpetrated a hate crime hoax against himself, while blaming Trump supporters.

We now know that files regarding the Smollett case will be unsealed, which could be bad news for Smollett’s fledgling public profile and reputation.

The show Smollett was most famous for “Empire” has announced they have no plans to bring Smollett back.

From FoxNews

President Trump indicated on Saturday that controversial actor Jussie Smollett owed his supporters an apology after allegedly lying about what appeared to beTrump supporters beating him up in a hate crime.

“In addition to great incompetence and corruption, The Smollett case in Chicago is also about a Hate Crime,” he tweeted.

“Remember, ‘MAGA COUNTRY DID IT!’ That turned out to be a total lie, had nothing to do with ‘MAGA COUNTRY.’ Serious stuff, and not even an apology to millions of people!”

Trump’s comments came amid news that an Illinois judge ordered authorities to unseal Smollett’s criminal case file. The incident served as another flash point in debates over racism and fake hate crimes in the United States.

Controversy erupted around the case when the state attorney dropped 16 charges against him, despite the police accusing him of faking the attack.

This wasn’t the first time Trump called out the “Empire” actor. During a rally in April, he called Smollett a “third-rate” actor and said his case was a “disgrace to our nation.”

“He said ‘I was beaten up by MAGA country.’ Can you believe it?” Trump asked during a rally in Green Bay. “Turned out to be a total lie,” he told the audience.

Smollett’s alleged assailants have filed a defamation suit.