LISTEN: Trump trolls Biden, says Cuomo probably would be a better 2020 candidate

During an interview this morning with Fox and Friends, President Trump gave an update on the national coronavirus response and trolled Joe Biden by saying Andrew Cuomo would probably be a better candidate.


Fox News reports President Trump took another swipe at former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday, saying that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “probably” would make for a better 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

During a wide-ranging interview with “Fox & Friends,” the president detailed his administration’s latest actions in their response to the coronavirus pandemic. Biden for days has criticized Trump’s response to the crisis, and the most recent Fox News Poll shows the likely Democratic presidential nominee holding a 9-point lead over Trump in a hypothetical general election match-up.

“If Sleepy Joe was president, he wouldn’t even know what’s going on,” Trump shot back Monday.

The president was asked about reports of some in the Democratic field suggesting Cuomo should run for the Democratic nomination instead.

“If he’s gonna run, that’s fine, I’ve known Andrew for a long time,” Trump said. “I think he’d be a better candidate than Sleepy Joe.”

“I wouldn’t mind running against Andrew,” Trump said. “I don’t mind running against Joe Biden.”

He added: “I think probably Andrew would be better.”

Cuomo, the three-term governor of New York, which has been hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a fixture in the national media with his daily coronavirus briefings. Cuomo has received bipartisan praise, even from Biden, for his response in New York and leadership.