Trump to Hold “Evangelicals for Trump” Rally Next Week at Florida Megachurch

Next Friday, January 3rd, President Trump’s campaign will launch “Evangelicals for Trump” at the “King Jesus International Ministry” in Florida.

Religious leaders who have staunchly supported President Trump amid controversy include Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell.

Paula White, another religious leader who supports Trump, tweeted:’

Join us in Miami for Evangelicals for Trump on Jan 3rd at 5pm. You must register .. Click on the link below…

WashingtonTimes reports the Trump campaign’s launch of “Evangelicals for Trump” will be held at a Florida megachurch with a capacity of 7,000 congregants, the campaign said Friday.

The outreach event for a key part of the president’s base will be held next Friday in Miami at El Rey Jesus, or King Jesus International Ministry, according to a campaign announcement of a sign-up for free tickets.

The church ministers to as many as 15,000 congregants per week. A majority of the church’s congregants are Hispanic, and the church offers services in Spanish and English.