Trump the #1 Most Tweeted About Politician in 2019, AOC Comes in at #4 Before Biden, Bernie

Twitter revealed in their insights blog that President Trump is the #1 most tweeted about politician of 2019.

#2 is former President Barack Obama, followed by Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi.

Freshman lawmaker and media sensation AOC comes in at #4, and is the second most tweeted about politician in the United States, coming in before 2020 Presidential contenders Bernie Sanders (#6) and Joe Biden (#8.)

2016 Presidential loser Hillary Clinton came it at #7.

Per Newsweek, Ocasio-Cortez’s tweets regularly go viral, picking up tens of thousands, or sometimes hundreds of thousands, of likes on the platform.

Her posts also have a tendency to make headlines, including a recent tweet from the freshman representative trolling Amazon and some of her critics after the online retailer reportedly agreed to open a new office in the city without tax credit or subsidy incentives included in an earlier plan opposed by Ocasio-Cortez.

President Trump’s ranking as the most tweeted about politician worldwide is not likely to come as a surprise, given the fact he has a much greater following of 67.4 million and holds the highest office in American politics.

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