Trump tells woman whose mother recently passed “She gave us a great daughter, a great child”

During last night’s town hall, President Trump was asked a question from Flor Cruceta, who immigrated to America with her mom. Her mom had written the question she asked, but she recently passed away.

Flor was very emotional throughout, and Trump explains ” we want people to come in to our country. People like you, and like your mother and that just shows how vicious the Covid is especially when you have another problem….We want people to come into our country, a lot of people but we want them to come in through a legal system. They love our country, they work to come in to our country, a merit system”

As Flor is clearly very emotional in tears, Trump says empathetically “She gave us a great daughter, a great child, what she’s done with you. The love that you have for your mother I can see that.”