Trump targets flipping 3 states Hillary narrowly won in 2016

The Trump campaign is making an effort to expand their electoral map and paths to victory by competing in and flipping 3 states that Clinton narrowly won in 2016.

The 3 states that Clinton won but the Trump campaign believes they have the best chance in are Nevada, Minnesota and New Hampshire.

Hillary barely edged Trump by under 1% in New Hampshire in 2016.

Jim Merrill, a Republican strategist for New Hampshire, said “The president has obsessed about winning New Hampshire since falling short here by such a small margin in 2016. They’ve had a large and smart team working the ground game for a long time now, and we’re seeing more campaign visits and an uptick in paid media. He is an underdog for sure, but a path for Trump to win New Hampshire exists.”

Less than 2% separated Trump and Hillary in Minnesota in 2016.

According to NBC “The Iron Range, a mostly rural region bordering Lake Superior where massive iron mines serve as the region’s economic backbone and fuel much of the country’s steel production, was a Trump stronghold in 2016, and it has benefited from his trade policy. One of the only U.S. House seats to flip from Democratic to Republican control in 2018 was the district that includes the Iron Range.

Republicans see the Range and the rest of rural Minnesota as critical to the president’s success there.”

Hillary defeated Trump in Nevada in 2016 by roughly 2 1/2%. President Trump just completed a trip to Nevada that included 2 well attended rallies.

Trump’s margin in Nevada was much closer than his predecessors. Romney had lost Nevada by over 6 points and McCain lost it by over 12 points.