Trump Supporters React to Lisa Page Joining Twitter, Declaring “I’m Done Being Quiet”

With a new Twitter account and interview with the Daily Beast, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page has declared she’s done being quiet.

According to her interview, she decided to go public after being mocked publicly and in tweets by President Trump.

In her Twitter bio, Page introduces herself with:

“Yes, that Lisa Page. National security and tech lawyer. Former federal prosecutor. Not always lovely. Views my own.”

One Twitter user noticed right away that Lisa page chose to immediately follow several of President Trump’s biggest “NeverTrump” critics including Bill Kristol and George Conway.

JT Lewis wrote “Lisa, you and this guy really sucked at making sure Trump didn’t become President.”

Diego Trott wrote:

Are you done weaponizing the Dept of Injustice against your political enemies? You deserve jail for falsifying evidence (302’s), conspiring to conduct ambush “interviews” with innocent people to frame them for process crimes. Are you proud of the monumental damage you’ve done?

Jack Posobiec wrote:

Make sure to bleachbit this account after you’re done using it

Carmine Sabia wrote:

Are you done being a co conspirator too?

Angela Moore wrote:

ICYMI — Here’s a video of actors Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson re-enacting Page and Strzok’s texts as a play, and it’s a hilarious performance! Well done!

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