Trump Supporters React to Juanita Broaddrick Calling Obama “the Reason for Division in Our Country”

Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick caused a stir on social media by tweeting a photo of ex-President Obama and adding “This grinning jackass is the reason for the division in our country. This ridiculous impeachment started in his Oval Office.”

The tweet and our story on it resulted in strong opinions.

For the most part, Trump supporters on social media who responded, agreed with Broaddrick.

Carla Young wrote:

I agree 100% with her… Obama started all this political correct stuff, started the wage of war on law enforcement, started the bull of let’s take down all monuments that represent the past which is just that the past. We learn from the past… Went on a Apology tour for the United States how did that make the men& women who have served and sacrificed for our frededom and their families feel… Yes he was the DIVIDER!

Claudale Medlock wrote:

I was Gullible enough to watch the Movie a few years ago thinking it was gonna be a Good one about Ronald Reagan and His administration,turned out to Be More of How Obama was voted it…….Yea from what I saw was a debacle and portrayed Mr. Ronald Reagan as a racist and I Don’t Believe it for A Second,Sure wasted my time and money on that one and The Obama administration did what they could to Cause dissension throughout this Country.

Janet Rose Cooper wrote:

it’s true – being of mixed parents, I really thought he would bring us together – what a disappointment.

Angie Chicko wrote:

She speaks the truth! He divided the people in many, many ways! Polished with his fancy speeches that meant nothing but harm! Worst President ever in history!!!

The reaction was equally strong on Twitter:

Lori Wenzel grant replied “He will be remembered as a joke, trump will be remembered as the greatest president in our lifetime”

George Okshewsky wrote “Some people seem to forget this fact. He even warned us that he was going to “fundamentally transform America.””

Kathy wrote “I left the Democrats in April 2016 bc of Obama. So glad now. His party left me. Glad to be a Republican I should thank Obama. Won’t!”

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