Trump Supporters Fire Back at Gavin Newsom After His “Poetic” Anti-Trump Tweet

California Governor Gavin Newsom made waves on Twitter with a viral “poetic” tweet about his pessimistic view of the Trump era.

While the tweet certainly got many people talking on social media, Trump supporters were not especially impressed and fired back at Newsom.

One Twitter user countered with the same poetic style.

Ballot harvesting

Sanctuary cities

Ineffective climate change regulations

Addicted and mentally unstable homeless everywhere

Punitive and overbearing gas taxes

Frivolous federal lawsuits

It sure the hell shouldn’t be like this.

Roxanne Hoge wrote “Cute. Here’s 40 reasons why Californians think you should be recalled. You’re right. It doesn’t have to be like this. Thanks

Angelika Stalman wrote “This list is harmless compared to Newsom ignoring THOUSANDS of constituents who were pleading with him to protect their kids, kicking disabled vaccine injured children out of schools, and sacrificing the health of thousands of children for his pharma overlords. #YouDidThis”

Evana wrote “Thank you for listing all the reasons happily Walked away. From Democrats !!!

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