Trump Supporters Fire Back at Debra Messing After She Declares “Trump Owns Every Death”

Actress Debra Messing blasted President Trump for coronavirus deaths that have not in a pair of tweets.

Messing tweeted:

HE. F*CKING. KNEW. 150,000 Americans DEAD. And he did NOTHING.

In a separate tweet Messing wrote:

LIAR-IN-CHIEF. have been unmoved by the 16500 lies 45 has made since elected. Now that innumerable people (including MAGA) will die, because of his lies and inaction, I wonder if MAGA will recognize that 45 must be voted out?

Messing invited a lot of backlash from Trump supporters.

Here are some of the top replies to Messing:

What day did he force the coronavirus task force Debra????

Here wait, I’ll tell you: JANUARY 29TH.

Do I need to teach you how calendars work too?

In addition to calendar training…She also needs to learn how to use past, present, and future tenses. She thinks 150,000 people died already.

Why, you poor dear.

The Corona Virus Task Force – remember? Too many white folk on it? – why, THAT was formed on Jan. 29.

So, how does January 29 relate to February 3?

We’ll wait.

Bless your heart.

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