Trump Supporters Fire Back After Rob Reiner Calls Them “Racists,” “Morons” or “Greedy Bastards’

Hollywood producer Rob Reiner has never been shy about his disgust for President Trump who he regularly calls a “criminal” and “corrupt.”

Recently, Reiner, found a new target.

Without even naming any exceptions, Reiner labeled all Trump supporters into 3 categories and they are not flattering.

The categories Reiner came up with are “Racists,” “Morons” and “Greedy Bastards.”

Reiner also lamented and wrote it’s “so disturbing they are 40% of US.”

Trump supporters blasted Reiner back.

Mindy Robinson wrote “Democrats, the party that delusionally thinks they’re fighting racism by generalizing everyone that disagrees with them as racists.”

Hotep Maximus replied “The most revealing thing about that tweet is that Hollywood seems to think the news media shills for “the State” and the right-wing.

They truly believe they are being brave and speaking truth to power.”

GirlBot replied “Democrats Trump haters like will always bully you. No free speech other than theirs is allowed.This man can be the little guy insulting us ALL HE WANTS. We stand up to tyrants , bullies and we FIGHT BACK IN THE POLLS. Let them squeal,cry for another 5 years 2020″

Paul Sacca replied “”Democracy is in the fight of its life” – Translation: “I didn’t like the results of the last election and I probably won’t like the results of the next one.””

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