Trump Supporters Fire Back After Pelosi Reacts to Iran Missiles By Blaming Trump for “Needless Provocations”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blamed Trump for “needless provocations” after Iran launched ballistic missiles targeting U.S. members in Iraq.

Closely monitoring the situation following bombings targeting U.S. troops in Iraq. We must ensure the safety of our service members, including ending needless provocations from the Administration and demanding that Iran cease its violence. America & world cannot afford war.

Many Trump supporters fired back.

What provoked all the other attacks?

There were rocket attacks on US Iraqi bases in

December ( …)

November ( …)

August ( …)

June ( …)

May ( …)

You need to closely monitor California.

It looks like war zone due to homeless, feces on streets, broken into cars, run down areas and rats.

You are an out of control public servant! Blaming the administration before Iran? CORRUPT!

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