WATCH: Trump Sends “70,000-ton message of hope and solidarity” to NY

Fox News reports President Trump bid bon voyage Saturday to a U.S. Navy hospital ship bound for New York City “stocked up” with supplies and medical personnel to aid in the coronavirus pandemic response.

“This great ship behind me is a 70,000-ton message of hope and solidarity to the incredible people of New York, a place I know very well, a place I love,” Trump said before sending off the USNS Comfort. “We’re here for you. We’re fighting for you and we’re with you all the way and we always will be.”

“You have the unwavering support of the entire nation,” Trump said at the Norfolk Naval Station.


Before saluting the “fully loaded” ship farewell from the pier, Trump praised the 1,200 medical personnel aboard as the military’s “greatest weapon” in the pandemic response.

The ship has 12 operating rooms, a medical laboratory, a pharmacy, a helicopter deck and more, Trump said.

“It’s stocked up to the gills. Right up to the top,” the president said earlier Saturday.

Trump spoke with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Saturday morning about the response and also granted his request for four additional medical response sites in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx that should have 4,000 additional beds, Cuomo said earlier. The USNS Comfort should arrive in New York Harbor on Monday with up to 1,000 beds.

The USNS Comfort will sail to the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak in New York to ease the burden on distressed New York area hospitals responding to the growing level of patients infected with the novel coronavirus.