Trump says questions from the media for Biden are “meant for a child”

During a press conference Friday, President Trump accused the media of favoritism and said questions for his rival Biden were “meant for a child.”

Asked about the article in the Atlantic that claims Trump disparaged dead military service members, Trump called the publication a “second rate magazine.”

He said “I watched the interview with sleepy Joe Biden and you didn’t ask questions like that.”

The President continued “They were like, meant for a child. Those questions were meant for a child. Smiles on faces of reporters — not like you and you.”

“They were smiles on the reporters. What do you think? Take a look at those questions that they asked him. They were not meant for a grown up, they were meant for a child” he added.

Trump then said “I look at that and I think it’s a disgrace and then I watch Biden getting asked questions that are really meant for a child to answer, anybody could answer. and I look at the level of question that you people ask. I mean honestly, it’s disgraceful.”

Neil Cavuto, a Fox News host that is far from a Trump supporter, said Friday “The president’s no fan of mine, a lot of his backers are no fan of mine, but I do think … the press is very different with Joe Biden, it just is.”