Trump Says “Joe has absolutely no idea what’s happening” in New Interview

In a new interview with the Washington Examiner, President Trump accuses rival Joe Biden of having “absolutely no idea what’s happening.”

Others have also questioned Joe Biden’s mental fitness.

During his podcast with guest Andrew Santino, Joe Rogan blasted Joe Biden for his history of verbal gaffes and brain freezes.

Playing the recent clip of Biden botching the declaration of independence, Rogan said “you can’t be president!” and later joked “This should get you into a mental hospital. They should be like hey, Joe, are you alright?”

Transcript of Interview via WashingtonExaminer

Salena Zito: So, Mike Garcia. Navy veteran. Made history this week with that special election win in the House. You have candidates like him, Sean Parnell —

President Trump: Sean Parnell’s gonna be fantastic. He’s gonna beat Conor Lamb. Conor Lamb’s a phony. Conor Lamb hurt us very badly. He’s not for the Second Amendment although he likes to try and talk a big game. I’ll tell you, Sean Parnell is gonna be fantastic.

Zito: These are the kind of candidates —

Trump: Oh, he’s a great candidate. Like Mike Garcia. This is the first time in 22 years we took back a seat from California. And it wasn’t even close. I think was 19,000 votes. We finished 19,000 votes. And we also won big in Wisconsin on Tuesday. Two races, two seats, and we won big. Conor Lamb has turned out to be a big disappointment. He’s a he’s just, uh, you know he’s, he will do anything Nancy Pelosi tells him to. And that’s not for his district. So I think Sean is gonna win.

Zito: These are the kinds of House candidates you think will help you take back the House? .

Trump: Yeah, and as an example, if Sean Parnell ran in the first place against Conor Lamb, Conor Lamb wouldn’t have had a chance. Great soldier, smart as can be, loves Pennsylvania, loves Pennsylvania, and he’s a great candidate just like Mike was. Tom Tiffany up in Wisconsin. We have great candidates.

Zito: Yeah, Derrick Van Orden, in Wisconsin, also he’s taking on Ron Kind? So let’s stick with —

Trump: By the way, she’s known for great hair.

Zito: It’s my parent’s fault.

Trump: It’s the Italian. [Inaudible]

Zito: Let’s stick with Pennsylvania here. Today Joe Biden named Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. Yeah, as part of their Climate Change Task Force. So these are two people that have not been particularly supportive of the fossil fuel industry which employs 300,000 jobs here in Pennsylvania, and it’s a $45 billion industry. Contrast how you — how does that make those workers feel — and they’re not just blue-collar workers. They’re engineers and high tech and executives. So, how do you contrast with him on that position?

Trump: First of all, if you asked him who he named, he wouldn’t even know it. Okay. Nobody — he doesn’t even know. He didn’t put them there. Somebody did and Joe has absolutely no idea what’s happening. AOC is a disaster. She wants all fossil fuel out. She wants everything out. She wants wind, okay? Which is expensive — kills all the birds. You know, I’m also an environmentalist. But wind is a disaster. And it doesn’t work and it’s very intermittent, obviously if it doesn’t blow. They don’t even want that. They don’t want anything. They don’t want to have any energy. So she’s got crazy Bernie. I guess was the Bernie was picked, along with her?

Zito: She is the co-chair. Bernie Sanders is the chair, as I understand, of the climate change task force.

Trump: So he picked Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez. If you can believe that, he lost Texas. He lost Pennsylvania. He lost North Dakota. And he lost Oklahoma. And he lost every other state where fuel is important — like about most of them.

Zito: That’s too Left for these states?

Trump: That’s not Left that’s — I don’t even say communism, because communists like fuel. Okay? So, no, it’s a crazy choice. But he doesn’t — he has no idea who he chose. If you asked him right now, “Who did he choose?” And it’s not just for environment, it’s for energy. Tell the people in Texas that you have AOC in charge of energy.

And we’ve done a great job with that. You know, we got. Until the economy — we had to turn off the economy because of the plague coming from China. We had to turn off the economy, and now we’re coming back and coming back strong. And if you look at energy, you know energy was decimated. We went from number one, and all of energy all over the world was decimated. And you see it’s coming back rapidly. So it’s really been amazing.

Zito: So, your reaction to the latest news on the [Michael] Flynn unmasking. Today Biden called the attention of you using it as a diversion.

Trump: Yeah. Diversion from what, how well we’re doing? You had to see the crowds coming from the plane. I wish I — the first thing I asked is, “Was Salena in the cars?” No, no, honestly. You had to see it, because I knew you were doing the interview. But it’s like that all over, I mean to be honest with you. But Pennsylvania is gonna be great. I think Pennsylvania — she called it a long time ago, from Pittsburgh, right? More from Pittsburgh.

Zito: What was your reaction when you saw that? Because it’s been a while since —

Trump: When I saw what? The crowd?

Zito: When you saw all the people standing on the side of the road.

Trump: It’s a great feeling, no matter how many times you see it. It’s like somebody wins — a world heavyweight boxer, who’s a great fighter, and they win again and again and again. What’s your feeling? It’s always the same. It’s great. Which is your favorite? They’re all my favorite. No, we’re doing very well.

Zito: What are your thoughts about China? How are you going to hold them accountable for the coronavirus?

Trump: Right. Right. Well, as you know, we were doing very well with China. I was costing them a lot. They had the worst year in 67 years prior to the plague coming in from China. And we were doing great. We were taking in billions of dollars and giving billions to the farmers. We gave $9 billion two years ago and $12 billion last year. This year, we’re giving $19 billion to the farmers. The farmers are doing very well.

Frankly, we’ve done so well with China that the farmers almost don’t have to even plant their crop, but they don’t want that. They just want a level playing field. So, we were doing great. China, as you know, had the worst year, 67 years. The worst in 67 prior to the plague. Now the plague comes, and now I think we’re going to be very strong. I think we’re going to have a phenomenal year next year, because there’s a great pent-up demand.

And I think we’re going to have a tremendous election and I think you see it. I think we’re — you know, the death and all of the things that have been caused by stupidity, incompetence — or another reason, whatever that may be. It’s a horrible thing. It’s a horrible thing. Should’ve never happened. They should’ve never allowed that to happen. It could’ve been stopped at the source and it wasn’t.

Zito: Is there a way to hold them accountable at this moment?

Trump: Yeah, there is. There is a way.

Zito: You’re not going to tell me?

Trump: I won’t answer it. It’s very sad. It’s a very sad thing. And by the way, you know, we were just cruising.

Zito: Yeah.

Trump: And now, it’s a different kind of a campaign, but I think we’ll do equally as well. But it can never be as happy, because of the death. Economically, I think we’re going to do as well or better, but all of the death all over the world, not just here. So, now 186 — 186 countries.

Zito: The DNC is considering all sorts of options, including not holding their convention.

Trump: I think it’s a good move when you have Biden as a candidate. I think it’s a good move for them. Let them save money.

Trump: Does that impact how you’re going to do? —

Trump: No, no. We’ll have a convention. I’m a traditionalist, but we’ll have to see, like everything else, but I think we’ll be in good shape by that time. We have a great state, North Carolina, that’s been very, very good. Although, it’s got a Democrat governor, so we have to be a little bit careful. It’s got a Democrat governor, so we have to be a little bit careful with that, because they’re playing politics. They’re playing politics, as you know, by delaying the openings.

Zito: I wanted to… Yeah, I wanted to ask you about that.

Trump: To me that’s politics. They think it’s a bad thing for me if they delay the opening. I think it’s bad for them. And you have people protesting outside, and those people like Trump.

Zito: I was going to ask you about — the Democrats believe that they can run on you ruining the economy, but —

Trump: Even they don’t believe that. Honestly, I’ve never even been hit by that. They’re not saying that. Look, we had the greatest economy in history, we have the most jobs we’ve ever had, the biggest stock markets we’ve ever had. There’s never been a time where this country did better. And then, one day, I had to turn it off, and I turned it off. And one day, it went from the greatest to turned off. It was like turning off a machine, but now the machine is starting again, and it’s going to be a beautiful thing.

We’re going to have a phenomenal next year, watch. We’re going to have a transition third quarter. We’re not there yet. We’re going to have a transition into the third quarter and that’ll be really nice. We’re going to have a very good fourth quarter, especially toward the end. And we’re going to have a phenomenal next year. And I did it once, I’m going to do it again. Don’t forget, this wasn’t like where a market goes terrible. This was, we turned it off like you turn off the switch. So, it was artificially induced. We’ll be able to do it again, so 100%. And Biden can’t do it. He doesn’t know he’s alive.

Zito: Do you foresee yourself being able to debate him in the fall?

Trump: Well, I hope so. I know that we want to get out of the debate. They’re saying that they won’t be able to debate because of COVID-19. He could say COVID-17, but that’s okay. And they said that they won’t be able to debate. Well, I’d like to debate. As you know, I did well on the debates. I wouldn’t be standing here, but no, I heard there’s a rumor that… I don’t know if you guys have been seeing this, but they don’t want to debate because of COVID, okay. As he said, COVID-17, but COVID-19 is not the reason to not debate.

Zito: You’ve had to balance between the fear of everyone’s health, and then the fear of economic devastation.

Trump: Sure.

Zito: And some people have experienced both, have had a death in the family, they’ve also lost their jobs. How do you navigate that and what’s your message?

Trump: I think we’ve done it just right. We’ve turned it off. A lot of people have learned things like we’ve learned right now. We didn’t know about distancing. I used to be in an interview, I was this far away from her. I’d still like to be that far away, but we’ll have to wait about two months. No, I think that we’ve done it just right, because otherwise we would had 2 million deaths. We’re going to have 90, 100, 110. We’re going to have in that, which is the lowest estimate, OK, if you go by the models. And models are wrong. You have models made all over the world and all been sort of wrong.

If we did it another way, we would’ve had two, two and a half million, you could’ve had more than that. Wouldn’t have been acceptable. Think of having 100,000 and now multiplying times 15. That would be at the low end. It’s not sustainable or acceptable.

So we did it right, but now we have to get back. And the difference is, if you did it then, people wouldn’t have understood what was happening. Now they fully understand. Everyone understands this now. They understand what you have to do. We also have to protect our seniors in particular and people that are sick. People that have diabetes. It’s bad. People that have a bad heart, it’s bad. And elderly or senior, it’s a very tough disease. I lost five people that I know. A couple of very good friends, too, out of it.

Zito: I’m so sorry to hear.

Trump: I never lost anybody to the flu. Look, I’ve had people having the flu. I said, “Hey, how are you doing with the flu?” They had the flu. I never had the flu. You know, the first thing they did, they want to give me a flu shot. I never had the flu. And I come to the White House, “Sir, we have to give you a flu shot.” I said, “Why?” And I took it. I don’t know if I should have. Who knows? Three times now. I’ve taken three flu shots, but anyway…

Zito: You see young people struggling with not being at school. You have a young son yourself.

Trump: Yeah.

Zito: What are your thoughts about education returning?

Trump: I do. You have to have the schools open in the fall. They have to be open. It has very little impact on young people. Almost none. Now there’s a very unusual phenomenon with very, very few tiny percentage, and you’ve been reading about that.

Zito: Yeah. There’s a hundred cases, I think, total.

Trump: But outside of that, we can’t close a whole school system, because you lose more people in an accident in two days. We can’t close our whole country over that. But outside of that, the children have been very strong, and it’s amazing. The younger they are, the better they do.

Zito: Right.

Trump: Which tells you about immunity. Right?

Zito: Right.

Trump: But we have to protect our seniors. We have to protect our senior citizen centers. And we’re spending a lot of money on that. A lot. And we’re taking care of our seniors. If you look at Washington state and what happened there with their senior citizens and other places.

Zito: Here, too. 70% of the people that have died or they’ve been…

Trump: Here. And New York.

Zito: Yeah.

Trump: If you look at what happened, it’s terrible, but they haven’t focused on the seniors and they haven’t focused on the senior citizens’ places. You had one the other day, 88 people died in one place. And it’s incredible. So, there you have to focus. And when you go back to school, I think any instructor over 60 or 65, and if they have any form of heart problem or diabetes, they shouldn’t go back for another maybe period of a month or two. Let the system pass. In addition, we’re going to have a vaccine. I feel confident we’ll have a vaccine by the end of the year. And I think therapeutically, we’re already doing very good work. We’re going to have a lot of good things happen. We have a lot of great people working on it. We’re going to have a lot of good things, therapeutically and with a vaccine. And I think you’ll have it by the end of the year.

Zito: Here in Pennsylvania, a lot of rural counties are sort of upset that had a low amount of cases with the exception of nursing homes, but they’re still not being allowed to even move into the yellow phase, which is still pretty restrictive.

Trump: That’s what happens when you have a Democrat governor that’s playing politics. I see your capital. They have a lot of people up there protesting today. They have the Trump signs all over the place, too, and nothing to do with us. Just like this crowd. That’s your poll. I mean, that’s your poll. You had to see this coming in. I wish you could’ve, but they’re also up at the capital…

Zito: I’m sure they’ll be waiting for you when you leave.

Trump: Well, they probably will. They probably will. Even here they’ve done a fantastic job. This is a distribution center. They’ve done a fantastic job. All this stuff, most of it’s made in America. I’ve done that. I used to do that before we almost knew each other.

Zito: Yeah.

Trump: We’ve known each other a long time. Here’s our chief of staff. You know Mark. Mark Meadows.

Zito: Hi, Mark. How are you? I’m used to calling you congressman. Oh, I know you have to go. One last question.

Trump: Bring her to the White House some time and do an interview.

Meadows: Yeah, we’ll do that.

Zito: That’d be great. One last question. A lot of people have talked about wanting to… Because of the supply chain here, and because when this first came out, we found out we didn’t make a lot of things.

Trump: Right.

Zito: A lot of people have said, 60% of Americans said that they’re more than willing to pay more for things that are made here —

Trump: And they won’t even have to, but they are willing to. They won’t even have to. We have the craziest supply chains. Under President Obama we’d build a jet. A jet fighter plane. And we would make a fuselage in Turkey. We’d make another part in Spain, we’d make another… We’re all over the place. If one country has a problem, you don’t make the plane. It’s the craziest thing. We’re going to make them all here. We want to make our product in the United States. And you know me almost better than anybody. I’ve been saying that for a long time.

Zito: You absolutely have.

Trump: And we’ve been doing it. We’ve been doing it. Or we would’ve really had a problem. Right now, we’re distributing a lot. We opened. We were just at Honeywell where they make masks, I don’t know if you saw that. They opened up two big factories. All they do is Honeywell of all… You don’t think of them for masks. They’re very high tech, like dashboards of planes, et cetera. Now we’re doing a lot of our things right in the U.S.A.

Zito: Mr. President, thank you very much. I’d shake your hand, but probably cause a national incident.

Trump: Did you make a prediction this election yet?

Zito: No, not yet. Check with me in July, but it…

Trump: It won’t change.

Zito: Yeah, I don’t think so. Thank you.

Trump: Salena, take care of yourself.

Zito: Thank you very much, sir.

Trump: You’re doing great.

Zito: Thank you. Thank you.