Trump says he realized he hired “a Loser” in General Mark Milley

Appearing via phone with Greg Kelly on NewmaxTV Wednesday, Former President Trump said he realized he hired “a loser” in General Mark Milley.

“He was recommended by people that I didn’t think much of, and he was also recommended by a couple of people that I thought were just absolutely terrible,” Trump said. “I decided, you know, Mattis, I call them the world’s most overrated general. Mattis hated him, hated him. I figured based on the fact that I thought very little of Mattis. We did a great job without Mattis. Once I got rid of Mattis, we took over — we knocked out ISIS and everything else. I said, ‘if he hates Milley that much, maybe the guy will be all right.”

“I found him to be very average or less than average,” Trump continued. “I will say this when he walked with the president of the United States to a church that had been burned down almost if they didn’t have the fireproofing, which was just put up. It was literally so amazing because that church was built at the same time as the White House. They went up together. When he went and took that walk, and then he apologized because the radical left started getting on him, I realized I had a loser. I paid very little respect to him. He wasn’t very good. So I am not a fan of his.”

Discussing Biden’s doomed withdrawal from Afghanistan that was quickly followed by a Taliban takeover, Trump said “I would not have made that decision again and look at what he’s done. He took the military out before he got the civilians out of before he got us, citizens, out. So that would show gross incompetence.”

In June, Milley said it was important for service members to understand critical race theory and rejected Republican claims the study of the topic was bad for morale.

Milley also took issue of being referred to as “woke.”

“I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our noncommisioned officers of being quote ‘woke'” Milley said.