Trump says final Presidential debate moderator has “always been terrible & unfair”

Saturday, President Trump blasted final Presidential debate moderator Kristen Welker, after several conservative supporters including his own son, shared their doubts over whether she would be fair.

Responding to his son, Don Jr, Trump tweeted “She’s always been terrible & unfair, just like most of the Fake News reporters, but I’ll still play the game. The people know! How’s Steve Scully doing?”

Don Jr. had shared a NY Post story that claims Welker has ties to the Democrat party.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also warned about Welker’s potential bias in a pair of tweets earlier in the day.

In 2016, while not realizing she was on air, Welker told Hillary Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri ahead of time “i’m going to ask you about Flint” before asking her the question later on air.