Trump says Barron “isn’t as happy as he could be” and “he’d like to be playing sports”

Yahoo reports Donald Trump offered a rare personal insight into the life of his 14-year-old son Barron Trump and how he is faring in quarantine during his latest White House briefing on the coronavirus outbreak.

The president had tweeted a message of encouragement to the nation’s frustrated Little League baseball players earlier in the day, telling them to “Hang in there!”

“We will get you back out on the fields, and know that you will be playing baseball soon. We will get through this together, and bats will be swinging before you know it. In the meantime, take care of mom and dad, and know that this will not be forever!” he wrote.

Mr Trump was later asked about his own youngest child, forced into isolation like millions of others across the US.

“He’s a good athlete, and he loves soccer, and he’s like everyone else. I mean, everything’s shut down,” the president responded. “He’s in his room. He’s happy, but he’s not as happy as he could be. He’d like to be playing sports.”

“Let’s see what happens, but what he have to get back, remember that. We have to get back,” he continued, quickly pivoting to the primary theme of the session: namely, that he is losing patience with the national shutdown’s impact on the American economy and is desperate for life to return to normal.

Despite the starkness of his opening remarks, in which the president warned that the pandemic is approaching its peak and “there will be a lot of death, unfortunately… There will be death”, he swiftly returned to making the case for reopening the US for business, whatever the risk of worsening the spread of the Covid-19 contagion.

“This country was not designed to be closed,” he said. “The cure cannot be worse than the problem.”

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