Trump Responds to GOP Winning House Seat Held By Dems for 33 Yrs

President Trump has reacted to Republican Richard White’s winning a special election in Kentucky House district 99, a district Democrats held for 33 years.

Trump wrote “Big Story, Big Win – Except the Fake News, which won’t cover it!”

GOP Chairwoman also reacted to the news on Twitter, tweeting:

BIG WIN in Kentucky House District 99.

It’s a district Democrats held for 33 YEARS, where Democrats outnumber Republicans by double digits, and one the Democrat governor carried in 2019.

But tonight, Republicans flipped the seat!

WSAZ reports Republican Richard White won a special election Tuesday night to represent parts of eastern Kentucky.

White will represent the 99th District in the Kentucky State House of Representative which includes Lewis, Elliott and Rowan counties.

White had 4,750 votes to beat Democrat Bill Redwine who received 3,731 votes in the special election.

The seat was left vacant by Democrat Rocky Adkins who moved on late last year to serve as a senior advisor to Gov. Andy Beshear. He served as both the majority and minority leader in his many decades in the House of Representatives.

White posted the following statement on his Facebook page:

“Some may have doubted us, but we never gave up. We knew we couldn’t give up. We desperately need someone in Frankfort who will defend our Constitutional Rights, fight for increased funding for our schools and teachers, increased funding for better roads and internet access, as well as work to decrease our rising healthcare cost. And, I promise to be that person. I will stand firm and work hard to ensure all these things, and much more is granted to the hard-working people of this region.”

House Speaker David Osborne released the following statement:

“We congratulate both candidates on a hard fought campaign. The voters of Elliott, Lewis, and Rowan counties have spoken and we look forward to working with Representative-Elect Richard White. With his background and experience, I know he will be a powerful advocate for his district and a key member of the House.”