Trump receives 75% of votes from LaPaz County, Arizona, Biden Lead Falls to Under 15k Votes

Monday, President Trump received 75% of Votes in a LaPaz County, Arizona during a ballot drop.

Trump also received 67% from Cochise County, Arizona in a larger ballot drop.

Biden’s lead is now under 1/2 a percent and under 15k votes.

Trump 1,633,896

Biden 1,648,642

Difference : 14,746 votes

At this time the Fox News decision desk has still not retracted their Election night call for Joe Biden for the state of Arizona that infuriated Trump campaign members and supporters of the President.

According to AZ Central “the Arizona Republic estimates there are about 63,000 votes still left to count statewide, based on a survey of county election officials and state data.”

The report indicates “Now, though, most early ballots have been counted. More than half the ballots that remain are provisional ballots, which are given to voters who can’t verify their ID at the polls, those who received a mail-in ballot but decided to vote in person or those that voted in the wrong polling place if their county did not use voting centers.”

AZ Central also speculates remaining votes main lead Democrat and prevent Trump from completing an improbable comeback, though it’s not known for sure.

Republican pollster Paul Benz said “We know he will not make up the remaining margin in Maricopa. Pima is consistently Democratic, he is not making up the margin out of Pima. There are very few ballots left for him to win higher than 60/40.”

Regardless of the final result, the fact remains the Arizona state race will end so close that the Fox News decision desk will likely continue to take heat for their election night call.

Video from Election Night 2020 when Fox News decision desk director Arnon Mishkin defended his decision to call the state of Arizona for Biden.