Trump fires back at Michigan AG for seeking sanctions against lawyers questioning election

Saturday night, President Trump reacted to a report that Michigan AG Dana Nessel is pursuing legal sanctions against lawyers questioning the election outcome.

Trump tweeted “These lawyers are true patriots who are fighting for the truth and, obviously, getting very close. AG should be sanctioned. Fight on!”

According to Breitbart “Nessel, who has defended Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D), said this week she is going to go after the attorneys who filed lawsuits alleging vote fraud and that votes were manipulated by Dominion Voting Systems.”

Nessel said “you know if you will have your name attached to it, and you have made intentional misrepresentations of facts to the court, I absolutely believe that you ought to be held accountable.”

Nessel also said she will file complaints with the Attorney Grievance Commission “because the lawsuits contained deliberate misinformation.”

“In some of these cases, absolutely,” Nessel vowed “We will be asking for sanctions. We’ll be asking for court costs and attorney’s fees.”